When The Heart Speaks Louder Than Words

When The Heart Speaks Louder Than Words
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Saturday, July 21, 2018

To all the boys i Loved before

To all the boys
I loved before
I wished I could say
‘I’m sorry’
Once more
There is
One thing
I want
You to know
That I loved
The way
You loved
And that is all


Angel in disguise

A dying tree
I was indeed
Grown thinner
And much more
Rootless tree
Where sun can’t reach
And here I am
Stuck like a leech

From reality
These aimless
Path I went
Outside pavement –
Standing, barely
Blind weak
And draining
 Almost dying
Still not living

And out of no where
There this light
An angel appear
Reach out – oh dear
Holding my hands
And I thought
This must be an angel
It was I thought
Though not a word
Did she muttered
Her hands were warm
Felt I was belonged


Wednesday, July 11, 2018


And unity
Would make the country
Robust you see
As one of Malaysian
Concerned as everyone
Will fight till bleed
To change the history

Today Malaysia has reborn
As mighty as phoenix
It reign its horn
And new Malaysia
Here we go
From the people
To the people
For the people we vowed

We may run out of modesty
For humble and proud of honesty
But we’ll manage over
This amnesia
Back to back we rise
Here, cheers to Malaysia


Sunday, June 24, 2018

Letter to Little One

To my dearest child,

In one weeks time, you'll be out greeting the world that will offers so much adventures and experiences and hopefully you'll gain happiness from there as well.
Everyone are expecting you and please bear in mind that you'll easily get annoyed with uncountable hugs and kisses from them. but worry not my child because these people loves you and really happy to finally meet you. These are my beautiful friends and family and soon will be yours too.

My child,
I wasn't expecting to meet you sooner than as planned. I have to be honest, Mommy had plans and none of it was concerning you. I was afraid that with you in the picture, I won't be able to tick all the goals; even before marrying your father. But that was selfish and foolish of me. Who would have thought that having you was the Key to Everything. You have been my main priority since and because of you, everything just fall into place; career, studies, financial and of course -  Happiness. 

It wasn't easy carrying you around for 9 months (10 months actually: you were overdue) . There were moments when i couldn't eat for 3 months. Every food that was once mommy's favorite had betrayed me and refused to stay in my tummy. Some couldn't barely get through mommy's throat.

At times, mommy get so angry with your father for making me weak and sometimes i felt as though he didn't care enough to understand my inconveniences.

It's not because he really didn't care, he's just plain clueless of what he should do. I know he's trying his hardest, believe me sweetie i know. Both of us are still learning and hopefully out of this, we'll be a great parent for you soon.

Our prayers are;

For you to be a good and wise person, smart enough to know what's good and bad, we want you to be able to experience life as it is but never forget your beliefs. We won't be able to give you a luxurious life but we'll give you enough of everything and enough for you to be grateful foe the things that we have rather hoping for things that we don't. You will learn that wealth is not everything.

Forgive us sweetie if mommy and daddy are lacking in parenting and bad in giving out good examples. Please do understand that we're still learning and oath to be a good parent for you. But always remember that our love for you are beyond any existence in this universe. Nothing is more precious that having you in our life. You have upgrade both mommy and daddy to the next level of life and it matured us both. You have lead us to parental life; which is way more kickass than anything in the world and for that we're thankful and blessed.

Thank you sweet heart; we love you very much.

See you soon,
Love Mommy and Daddy

Minodung, Tambunan

**Keira was born on the 24th Sept 2016**

Friday, June 22, 2018


There's moment
that still bump me
at heart
these moment
once linger and stay
not the times
you used to care
but the things
that kept me aware
that you stung like that
always as bad



Yes. You
The one whom
Heart is heavy
And eye's teary
stay strong
there's people
who still need
Yes. You



Aku sudah bosan
bosan dengan kata
Aku juga bisa
kata pada kamu
itu cinta -
Tapi cinta itu mana?
Kalau cuman kata saja?