When The Heart Speaks Louder Than Words

When The Heart Speaks Louder Than Words
Where Books and Coffee; blends well Perfectly

Thursday, July 6, 2017


I told my friend once
the easiest way to fast-diet
is Broken heart
in 3 weeks you'll 
loss weight for more than 10kgs

Guess what? 
It really works

Oh and why you asked?
your heart just died Man...

Tawar Hati

Bila sudah tawar hati
Apa pun tak masuk diri
Makan minum mandi tak jadi
Semua mau makan Hati

I didn't spend enough time with her

One day you'll regret for wasting all those moment
and wished you could turn back time

The sad thing is, Wish is even sadder than regrets because it
could have happen but it didn't

we can't guarantee how long we're gonna stay in this
temporary world
we can't stay forever
it's probably already too late
to realize that now

Friday, June 30, 2017

Future II

I don’t love you –
Not the way you do
You didn’t gave me
Much time and space
For this future I had to face

To live with you
To live without you
There aren’t much of a choice
When you left me hanging – UN-rejoice

You thought you can choose
But then you’ll lose
For one act I mostly regret

The decision I once had made


I’m always last
From all your list
From work to friends
And back again
And still I’m last
From all your list

Even after this
When I’ve sacrifice
My time and space
I’m still the last
From all your list

Funny thing is
When everything
Go against your will
Your work, your friends
Lead no time to chill
Somehow I’m the place

Your heart choose to be still


You’re right
It’s not always
Butterflies and candy
It’s chaotic, hectic
And a lot more messy

But at least
The sky is clearer;
After the rain –
It’s always dryer
For those who believe

That love needs a fighter


I might have passed that moments
Moments when there’s no ‘thank you’
Every time in life, you gave love and romance
I tend to see the bad in you

I am selfish, and I’m truly sorry
For not being the person you hope to be
I only complain, sulk and worry
Rather than grateful and thankful –me

When I smacked with bad words to your face
You replied with a calming face
And with a smile you said to me
‘I’m sorry, I’ll do better’ you promised me

So thank you for still being ‘you’
The kind and gentle and patience too
When its hard; this life put you through
Still faith and believe I saw in you

For every journey I walked with you
Name it bitter or even blue
I’ll stay and linger and faithful too

As long as this life; I do it with you