When The Heart Speaks Louder Than Words

When The Heart Speaks Louder Than Words
Where Books and Coffee; blends well Perfectly

Monday, November 20, 2017

"what ifs" and "if only" with "i should've"

It's good to have that self-talk sometimes
we need it for self-motivation
when running to someone else is impossible 
or when there's no trust in anyone - anymore
well, at least for me

i personally feels that; consuming too much of it
will only drag you back to where you're started - believe me, i've been there

it just clarify that you're still holding on to that grudge
hence, that past - the one thing that you
should've let go - long long time ago

there's just too much uncertainty of the past
when there's so much possibility of the future ahead of you
what is done we cannot undone
and the only thing we could do at least is
to keep our heart at faith
and not to guard up so high
because there's just so much beauty
that we haven't' saw yet
it's just too early to give up
not just yet

i always remind myself
to always - always keep my eyes on the road
because there's no point of peeking
the sideways or your rear mirror
when there's aren't much of a life left for you 

Monday, October 23, 2017


When breaks are finally over
And classes are following after;
Thinking you should be Sober-
But i'm here, sipping Peter


to uncle Peter Villa , i Yove Ya


Even Leader needs a Teacher;
When their Command
over-step the Border-


Friday, October 13, 2017

Old me

i missed my smile
that once was genuine
and beautiful
Now it seems rusty
and dull

i missed the old me
that once before WE



You made me
question my love
for you

When the fact was
i already knew


Unspoken word

I never said the word "Love"
I don't have to
It was in my cooking, my cleaning
in my laundry basket
it was in my everyday routine

you should know that
because its for you


Stil; But not to me

I wish i could go back
to the days
when you just won't
stop talking---

you still talking though;
But not to me