When The Heart Speaks Louder Than Words

When The Heart Speaks Louder Than Words
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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

~~ Know What you Share: Why not share Happiness?~~

I love to read every now and then; and when i'm done reading books,  i would turn to social media like blogs..just to find some interesting article to read about like documentaries etc.. So one day i was attracted to read Daphne Iking's blog; ELEANOR (since i saw her posting a glimpse of what she's been blogging  on instagram) i took the privilege to dug in her blog.

What i like about her blog is her Opinions, Point of views or whatever thoughts she's been sharing are just as genuine as a baby's laugh ..she is so 'Daphne' that she doesn't have to be bothered whether she should or not pleased everyone's  'appetite'.. and i just looved reading her Pieces ... it's mostly about how the world goes round and what not.. and basically related to our normal-daily-routines..

So recently (though the post was actually long time ago) i've read her Piece about "VERIFY & VILIFY".. it really attracts me in some way because believe it or not.. it's the truth yet we still denying it..  she mentioned about among 'us' the 'keyboard-warriors' (you need to read the blog first in order to understand this) about how badly is the habit of 'post & share' on certain issue regarding latest hot spicy news these days.. and mostly was pretty controversial and some actually caused 'virtual wars' among us. These specific 'communities' are known as "keyboard-warriors". They would express their rage, dissatisfaction towards something that is not certain yet and even if it is they just won't stop spreading anger and rumors(mostly on Facebook, twitter, Instagram, blogs,..etc)  until the other parties breaks down..

She quoted TV Anchors Nazrudin Rahman saying that "we" the post-ter and share-rers tend to comment or share these news updates without verifying the fact first and just.. vilify.. I... surprisingly agreed with bout of them and true.. we tend to do that.. well.. I tend to do that.. and i am ashamed of it.. Spreading rumors without even pointing out the fact first or to verify the truth from both parties (if any) just because i get emotional reading posts on news feeds in Facebook..

If only we could just open our eyes and our mind for awhile and actually have a thought of this... this sensitivity we've caused towards the world.. how small act of this could actually affect us unknowingly.. even if we post/share for good intention; We have to remember that NOT all have the same Thought.. NOT all agreed what we stand for.. Each of us interpret points differently and some of us might get offended easily.. well, aren't us all?

Rather than spreading rumors; why can't we take action to resolve this if necessary .. As the saying Goes: "Action Speaks Louder Than Words" .. kan?

on other thoughts; i think that people who keep posting & sharing news like child abuse, killing, animal abuse.. are literally spreading negativity towards us; human beings.. don't think i don't agree with it.. it's sad and tragic really but...instead of spreading negativity.. why not spreading happiness? I learned that if you share good things like Love, Smile, Laughter, Marriages, Babies, Puppies etc.. it actually lightens people up.. and just imagine if 1 person could share to 10 person and these 10 person shared to 100 person and this could just go global... eventually i believed that we've just created peace throughout the world... and maybe.. just maybe... words like "RACISM, ABUSE, KILLING, RAPE" would never appeared in any dictionaries.. well, thats just me saying..

To end this, i like to Quotes Daphne's Saying "Know what you are sharing..ask yourself "do i really need to post this up for everyone to know or see?" Daphne, your word of wisdom pump up my maturity everyday..

sooooo~~~~Happy New Year People!!!! May This New Phase of time creates nothing but HAPPINESS and ABUNDANCES.. stay Grateful ...

Footnote: Has been following Daphne's Instagram acc and her Blog... am a huge FAN of her and i find her very inspiring.. Big Love sis!!