When The Heart Speaks Louder Than Words

When The Heart Speaks Louder Than Words
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Friday, April 8, 2011


i feel like i'm drifted apart.. up to a point i can't recognized whether you're smiling or just giving that look of despair.. or annoyed..or maybe "whateverrr" ..

i'm trying to understand the situation.. what brings us to this point of uncertainty.. i just couldn't find the clue.. isn't it funny that i keep blaming myself even though i don't really know what's going on here?? really i don't..

all i could do now is just pretend that there's nothing happen and we're like we used to.. but the fact was.. i'm locking myself out.. that's what i'm doing now...

i keep myself busy with work, outstations, studies.. even financial matters.. (things that i choose not to care about whenever i'm down) but it turns out that these are the elements that's really important to me.. it keeps me thinking of something else.. instead of mourning to myself..

i dont' know what i've done.. i really don't.. but i'm sorry if i did... never meant to harm anyone.. one thing for sure.. i also get hurt.. i also.. can feel tormented... my patience has it's limit.. but no matter how low my limit was; i owez brings myself back to the good old days... and it always made me smile.. that's the thing we called acceptance... no matter how hurt you've caused... once people loved you... they owez do~~ and the cuts are just a tiny itsy bits issue that can be erased from our memory...