When The Heart Speaks Louder Than Words

When The Heart Speaks Louder Than Words
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Thursday, August 27, 2015

My Linsi

You're the reason i Cried
The reason i laughed
You forced me to pondered
It made me wondered

The reason i hesitated
Yet the reason i stayed
You're everything in between
This feeling i can't pretend

Such a Linsi
But for that i loved you
it's fixed ni

footnote : ni = this, as in 'this is it' kind of feeling

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Itu dulu

Early stage of our dating
Would be "wanna go for lunch?"
Twice a week
Probably on weekends too

The lightweight of his feet
To go from A to Z
Just to make sure dinner was eaten
Or Medicine taken

Those early stage of our dating
Was butterflies and candy
Laughing and teasing
Sometimes even kissing
Movies at 'Suria'
Dinner at 'Waterfront'

Itu dulu

Now it's just DVDs and 'tapau's
Suria to Megalong
Waterfront to 'Laopan'
More teasing and bullying

Either way...
I'm still into him