When The Heart Speaks Louder Than Words

When The Heart Speaks Louder Than Words
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Monday, August 6, 2012

Gratitude : Abundance

The reason why i used to feel down broken; is because all the things that i wrote about being dumped, being hurt, the thoughts to kill myself etc.. i caused my own pain because i focused too much on it, therefore the Universe manifested the feelings towards me... and that why i hurt more and more..

i realized the Power of Words and Thoughts and how it can affect your life unconsciously.

i really believed with the power of words.. every each of expressions can caused us either happiness or sorrow..

This, i learned how to builded myself up.. by feeling grateful with whats left in me.. i'm thankful for everything i have.. i have no more doubts.. and i learned to love myself more.. and therefore; i received LOVE.

"You cannot harm another with your thoughts; You only Harm You"

Sunday, August 5, 2012

What a year~~~

really... wow~~~

my last post was like a year ago... and its been 8 months now since my last post... i'm so drifted with my life so far that i forgot to update it...here.. my favorite spot for pondering own-self's thoughts...

so, the news so far... i have been transferred to  Labuan now and i have been living a great life... thou i'm a bit far from Ryan.. it doesn't matter at all because Love is not measured by distances but by Trust n Faith for each other.... we're taking turns coming back and forth to meet up... and so far ... it's good... Life has been good to me..

The new Workplace is fresh n interesting because I've never been out from Jabatan Akauntan for 5 years and i think it's really a good start for me to freshen up my skills on accounting n other ability since my new place always organized lots of program..

i'm not saying that i don't miss KK at all.. i really do missed it.. because all my good frens n my bestfrens are there... frankly speaking i'm alone here in Labuan..with no one to talk to... and no one to do stuffs with... but somehow i managed to adapted this odd feeling of being alone.. well, its not a bad thing anyway... i've learn a lot while i was here.. alone.. i learned to be closer to God.. i've learn to take care of my health.. and i learned that quality time with my siblings is not so bad after all.... one other thing that i manage to change was my bad habit of drinking n smoking... slowly i have quited smoking and since that i feel more... lighter n glowing...

i guess... Life is really good to me...

so much to do ... so little time.. remember how Ryan and I got together again? it was a miracle... and still i felt it was really a shocker... to top it off... we decided to get married... i meant... after many....many...many...MANY years of waiting... (10 years) i finally said YES.... :) .. i myself still shocked... i can't believed we finally end it with a DEAD KNOT.. lol... but in a good way of course .. Heck No.. it's awesome... and i am the happiest woman alive....

recalling how we've first meet... and how we got together... how we've been ups n downs together... n we even broke it off ... it was... really a challenging relationships.... with all the hardships we have to face... we've been crying a lot... laugh a lot ... hurt a lot... fought a lot... but still... we couldn't stay astray from each other.... somehow.. we were meant to be together... somehow we were reincarnated to be together... maybe our past life wasnt working and this life we're living ...right now... somehow... it's happening... remembering all this gives me a big...BIG relief... that finally~~~~ the pain ended.... it was started with a lie, but ended with EverAfter.. :) ...

So life has been really good to me... and i not once .. would want to change a bit... this is the life ive created... not by hoping for it... not by dreaming of it... but by writing my own path.. and my own episode... i'm living the life i've created.. Believe:Gratitude:Abundance